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***ATTENTION ALL MUSICIANS!!!*** [Oct. 13th, 2005|11:55 am]


[Current Mood |angryangry]

If you get mail from anyone asking you to be part of the Emergenza festival, do NOT bother replying.

This is a festival that spans from Europe, to Canada, to the U.S., and it is a giant SCAM. Much like Poetry.com. They set it up to be a Battle of the Bands type deal. They ask you to pay a one time fee of $70 to play for the first show. This may sound like a good deal if you expect to win the first round... But winning is dependant on how many tickets you sell. They tell you it's an audience based vote... But if the bands themselves are selling the tickets... Just think about it. The only people that will vote for you will be the people you sold tickets to. IT'S A BIG UGLY SCAM! And the trick is that they only ask unsigned bands to play. They tell you that there will be representitives from Sony Records... At least 4 at every show. Guess how many are really there. That's right... NONE. If they asked signed bands to play, their managers wouldn't let them because they'd see right through the scam. It's ridiculous. Please, if you're a musician, re-post this everywhere you can!